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Links for Mechanical Derailleurs (Dealer Only)

Links for Mechanical Derailleurs (Dealer Only)

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Is your derailleur shifting poorly? Unfortunately even light crashes can bend parts in your derailleur, ruining shifting performance. Furthermore, bushing wear can lead to loose linkage which will also cause shifting issues. Say goodbye to the frustration of skipping and mis-shifts. We got you covered. Our links kit include everything you need to get the most out of your SRAM derailleur.

Our parallelogram links are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, and are stronger than the stock parts. Plus, our bushings are made from a low friction polymer and have more surface area (less wear) than the stock bushings.

Complete kit with tools includes:

  • Both links
  • Bushings
  • Shims, washers, and spacers
  • Snap rings
  • Bushing removal tool. It helps remove the bushings and links on X01 and XX1 links by biting into the bushings from their inside diameters, allowing you to pull them out. This tool is not needed on GX links.
  • Pin punch tools (except the 5/32" or 4mm punch). The pin punch tools help remove and install pins. Its like having a 3rd hand.
  • Small peg tool. Helps hold shims in place while you install the pin. 

* Do not order the "no tools" option unless you are certain you already have the necessary tools. Having the right tools makes a big difference! You can find more info on tools here.

Check out the Madrone snap ring tool! Few snap ring tools actually work with the tiny M4 snap rings. We maintain a list of snap ring tools here.

Pins are sold separately, but you will not need them unless you have a bent pin. Our replacement pins work only on X01 and XX1 derailleurs. We do not offer GX replacement pins at this time. Our stainless steel pins are a drop in replacement for the SRAM ones.

Compatibility: All SRAM Eagle mechanical 12 speed derailleurs (GX, X01, and XX1). The X01/XX1 configuration has different shims, washers, and spacers than the GX, but all the parts are included with each kit, so please refer to the proper installation videos and assembly diagrams.

Installation videos with chapters for easy navigation:

  1. X01/XX1 Eagle mechanical
  2. GX Eagle mechanical

Assembly diagrams with part locations and descriptions:

  1. X01/XX1 Eagle mechanical
  2. GX Eagle mechanical
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