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Pin Punch Tools

Pin Punch Tools

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These tools are like having a 3rd hand! They allow you to locate the pin and hold the punch in place while you hold the derailleur and hammer. These punch tools allow you to generate an impact force that will free up a stuck pin.

The large spacer support is used for removing pins. The head of the pin fits inside it.

The small spacer support is used for installing pins. It fits inside the bushing hole in the links, and the 4mm pin will fit inside the spacer support.

We recommend to watch our assembly guide videos for tips and tricks with this tool. In general, we recommend:

  • Use this on a very solid work surface, such as a thick bench, vice, or even a block of wood on the floor if you don't have something better.
  • Make sure both ends of the pin are centered in the tools.
  • Hammer once, then re-check that the tool is centered. Do not hammer repeatedly.
  • Use good lighting so you can clearly see.

Includes what is shown in the photos except the 5/32" or 4mm punch and hammer. You will need your own. We recommend a punch similar to what is shown in the photos, with a long length and a flat tip.

Please refer to our Tools page for more information and tips on tools.

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