Our goal is to make derailleur service as easy as possible. That's why we make the right tools, service videos, and information easily accessible for you. This page provides useful reference information on tools.

Pin Installation/Removal Tools

The linkage pins are press fit into the derailleur, so they often require significant force to install or remove. We've tested many ways to install and remove them, and found a couple ways that work best.

1. Punch Tools

The Madrone punch tools allow you to punch the pins more easily, effectively giving you an extra hand so you can hold the derailleur in alignment while punching. Being 3D printed, these tools are intended for infrequent use, but they will be more than adequate for the home mechanic. Note: You will need to provide your own 5/32" (or 4mm) punch. We recommend one with a flat tip and long length. These are easy to find online or at your local hardware store.

2. Arbor Press Tools

An arbor press is another great way to install or remove pins, and we recommend this for professional service shop use. Not may people have an arbor press at home, but a low cost arbor press costs about $60-$70 USD.

Madrone is developing the pins and spacers for an arbor press. Stay tuned.

3. Other Methods

Some clever people have found that using a bench vice works in place of an arbor press. For this to work, you will need a vice that can open wide enough, and has minimal play so parts and tools do not get misaligned during clamping.

Snap Ring Tools

Many miniature snap ring tools do not work on the small M4 snap rings found on the SRAM derailleurs. The tips of the tool need to be small diameter and able to precisely contact each other when closed. Here is a list of tools that are known to work well (we will add to it over time).

  1. Knipex ‎49 31 A0 (available for about $27 USD from a variety of online retailers).
  2. Madrone snap ring tool.

AXS Torsion Spring Tool

The torsion spring for the AXS links is very difficult to re-install if you take it out. This is why Madrone developed a tool that clamps the body of the spring, allows you to pre-load the spring, hold the lower link, and easily install them. Note: The Madrone torsion spring tool only works with Madrone links (not the stock SRAM links).

AXS Link Holding Tool

The link holding tool is used the hold the lower link in the correct position when installing the servo, allowing you to place the servo arm into the link and then seat the end of the spring into it.

Bushing Removal Tool

The SRAM mechanical derailleurs (X01 and XX1) have bushings that have to be removed from the links before the links can come off the derailleur. This tools helps you pry them out. The Madrone links and bushings do not require using this tool.