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Dealer Starter Kit

Dealer Starter Kit

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Products Included

For SRAM mechanical derailleurs:

  1. Link kit (fits GX, X01, and XX1)
  2. Cage and pulley kit (fits GX, X01, and XX1)
  3. Pin kit (fits X01 and XX1)
  4. Super shims kit (fits X01 and XX1, as well as AXS GX, X01, and XX1)

Tools Included

  1. Arbor press tool kit
  2. Punch tool kit
  3. 2 AXS torsion spring tools
  4. 2 AXS link holding tools
  5. Bushing removal tool
  6. Snap ring tool

You will need 2 other tools separately:

  1. 5/32" (or 4mm) punch (flat tip, long length)
  2. Knipex ‎49 31 A0 (available for about $27 USD from a variety of online retailers)

Extras Included

  1. Part holders for display
  2. Stickers
  3. Tee shirt

Support Included

  1. Live training and support on rebuilds and tools
  2. YouTube service videos
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